Monday, November 23, 2009

Saturday No. 1

I wrote this Saturday night:

I had a great time at the mall, and how often do you get to say that? It was wonderful to get out, and I loved getting to spend some more time with our sponsor and his wife. While we were there, I picked up an inexpensive set of measuring cups and spoons to tide me over baking-wise until our first shipment gets here in a few weeks. I also got a broom, handles and heads sold separately. I liked getting to mix and match, plus maybe it will be good for replacement purposes? Maybe the head will wear out first, or I'll . . . I don't know, accidentally run over the handle and be spared buying an entire new broom?

A stop into a travel office sorted out the bus/train/metro situation for getting into town. The bad news is that being in the boonies, the last bus out this far is at 7:20 p.m. The good news is that the daytime is still fully workable, and once a car enters the mix, I can cut out the bus, and the train and metro run late.

We saw California friends this evening, too, down from Rome to do some shopping. Friends make the world go 'round sometimes, don't you think? It was fantastic to see them, and to get input on this entire experience from people who already know us. They understand our personalities and our inclinations in our native habitat, so to speak; and we know them, so we all know how to weigh each other's advice and opinions much better.

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