Monday, November 23, 2009

Loving it

So I am fully entrenched in loving my life right now. Eating delicious candy, which I picked out from the mini-mart using my ability to read Italian (yes!), is just part of it. (The candy is a variety of this, but mine is chocolate nougat with pistachios and almonds, coated in 70% dark chocolate.)

Working backward, I loved walking back from the gym tonight after dark, completely relaxed and safe. The gym itself is very nice, and I plan to make an appointment with one of the trainers as soon as all the in-processing stuff is finished. It felt great to run today; I've missed working out as often as I was before moving. I've been achy and a bit headachy, and I know I haven't been drinking enough water -- all things that exercise fixes.

More good information today. I met a couple of people from the organization with which I volunteered in Virginia and got flyers from a bunch of other groups. Highlights included presentations on mail (really!) and receiving our stuff.

Sunday was fantastic, but it is 12 minutes till my bedtime, so I'm pushing that story and its accompanying photos to tomorrow. I am still getting the hang of all this -- feeling much more fatigue than I think I should be, even though I seem to be sleeping through the night, and just not on my game with time management.

Continuing to work backward, the cool window coverings are just considered shutters, or persiane. I'd seen the word before but couldn't remember it. My friend Marilyn provided it for me at dinner Saturday night. The antipasto at that dinner included at least three different preparations of octopus, among other things. My favorites were the long tendril-y guys served warm with a bit of red sauce and oil and greens.

I'm continuing to pass internal mile markers. Just as I was beginning to wake up Saturday morning, I had that experience of realizing, Oh . . . I'm . . . still here. What with this being my third move in 16 months, I know the feeling is pretty standard. I just passed the point that my subconscious considered reasonable for vacation. Yep, still here . . .


Chiara said...

I definitely know the feeling of internal mile markers, girl. I'm glad you're making sense of yours.

gnat said...

I knew some fellas from Naples, adn they explained that one driving tactic in Naples was to jockey for the position directly behind an ambulance responding to an emergency.