Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Housing mystery

So we are officially told we have to live here -- everyone has to live here. Then we are officially told that here is almost full up, and most of the places here are places we don't qualify for, so we'll probably live wherever we want in town. Two other families in our same zone go in to the office, are told there isn't anything for them to live in here, so they must start looking for something in town. We plan to go into the office tomorrow or Friday so that they can tell us the same thing. Then at the end of today's tour, we get a call from this office we have not yet been to (but which has told two other families that they don't have anything for our level) saying they have a place for us here and we need to be there today and look at it.


The bus didn't make it back in time today, so I guess we'll see what's up tomorrow. I've gone from fine and dandy with living here to thrilled and excited to get to live in town (esp. after being in town on Sunday) to disappointed to have to live here to remembering that this is what I thought was going to happen in the first place.

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